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Inspiring and diverse World Of Drones Congress

We were surrounded by amazing and inspiring people from around the globe at the World of Drones Congress this week in Brisbane, Australia. We really enjoyed being part of the team presenting in the Environment and Conservation symposium, together with @ReneeBartolo as MC, @lianpinkoh from Conservation Drones, @DyanGibbens from Trumbull Unmanned, and Stephan Hrabar from CSIRO.


With gender equity unlike any other conference we have ever been to, we connected with a wide array of amazing people from all industry areas.  Including those working within the international aid, environment, mining, agriculture, business and startup innovation, construction, infrastructure, cyber security, big data, government and non-government sectors.  So fascinating to see how far we have come with the use of drone technology, and the exciting pathways forward and the almost endless applications of this technology become apparent.

Thanks @DrCatherineBall and all the event sponsors for creating a fantastic opportunity for us all.


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