Wildlife Drones Meet X’s Project Wing

We enjoyed meeting Alphabet’s inspiring X Project Wing team (formerly Google X), including members who were visiting from the US, to do some trials here in Canberra as they look to expand their drone delivery service area.

They have been successfully undertaking drone deliveries in nearby Royalla and are now preparing for deliveries within suburban areas. This is now possible given they have built multiple levels of redundancy into their drones to ensure safe manoeuvring within cluttered environments.

It was inspiring to hear about the ground-breaking development work they are doing with regulators and the broader aviation community for an unmanned traffic management platform to ensure our skies remain safe with the increasingly popular use of drones in the airspace below 400 feet (120m).

We found it incredibly valuable to be able to talk directly with the experts about everything from real time mapping of drone data, to the aeronautical engineering involved in the attachment and release of drone delivery packages.

We even had first-hand experience with the delivery of 1kg bags of chocolates for the kids, as well as a virtual reality experience of being flown and delivered by a drone!

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