Ag-Tech Launch @ ANU

On the 24th of August, Wildlife Drones joined members from the Australian National University (ANU), CSIRO, and other Ag-Tech entrepreneurs to celebrate the launch of the new Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology (CEAT).

The Centre intends on supporting the research and development of technologies that will advance the future of farming. CEAT is located in the heart of ANU’s science hub, and intends on facilitating collaborations between academics and industry stakeholders.

Wildlife Drones’ Daniel was helping run our stall at the CEAT launch

The event was attended by ANU’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Brian Schmidt, who noted on his latest blog post that, “If more than 8 billion of us are going to live happily on our rapidly changing planet, it is going to take every piece of human ingenuity in agriculture to make it happen – it is great that we are part of this important initiative.”

Australia’s agricultural future is essential in supporting our growing population. With more mouths to feed, we must be innovative in creating sustainable and adaptable farming practices. Having seen the recent media coverage on the drought that’s currently affecting NSW farmers, it is also important to consider how we can possibly safeguard our farms from the unpredictable Australian climate.

If you’re interested in learning more about agricultural technology, I highly recommend that you watch the two-part episode by ABC Catalyst called, Feeding Australia. The program featured some of the new, up-and-coming tech that is revolutionising Australian farms.

Wildlife Drones is proud to be a part of the future of agricultural technology and livestock management. Through the use of our technology, farmers will be able to monitor their livestock from afar – all without leaving home.

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