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Wildlife Drones successfully track Swift Parrot flocks

We’re super excited that we recently managed to find 60 swift parrots on Bush Heritage Australia’s Tarcutta Hills Reserve which is the largest flock ever recorded on the reserve.  We also managed to radio-tag and track these fascinating birds despite their habit of feeding on nectar in the tops of very tall trees, as reported on ABC news today.

Over the past month our cutting edge technology has enabled us to track the movements of multiple birds at the same time within the grand old growth white box and mugga ironbark woodland.  Importantly our tracking has resulted in new foraging and roosting sites being identified for the species, all of which occur on private property. This emphasises the immense importance of private land conservation for these small migratory birds.  You can read more about it on the ABC News

It also highlights the value of projects such as the NSW Environmental Trust’s Saving Our Swift Parrots project has funding available to protect and restore swift parrot habitat in NSW.  This is a highly collaborative project and involving the ANU, Riverina Local Land Services, Bush Heritage Australia, Greening Australia and Murrumbidgee Landcare to make a difference on the ground for this critically endangered species.

Check out the exclusive video that we made for the project:



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