Our Investors’ Demo

It’s been six months since we first received funding and to celebrate, we invited our investors to Canberra to see Wildlife Drones in action. For most of our investors, this was the first time that they’ve seen our system in operation and our new user interface.

In the morning, Debbie introduced everyone to Wildlife Drones’ HQ at CEAT (Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology), gave a presentation discussing our company’s progress as well as a brief walkthrough on how to use our very user-friendly interface. We then performed a live demo, by flying the drone around a local field testing site to detect the signals of radio-tags that had been hidden in the surrounding trees.

We really enjoyed showcasing how our system works out in the field, as well as demonstrating the latest diagnostic tools developed for testing and quality assurance purposes.  By using these specialised tools for each component of our system, we can ensure all elements of our system are performing reliably before sending our systems out into the field.

With the wonderful diversity of investors that now form part of our team, we also thoroughly enjoyed talking about the great potential for an expanding range of applications and integrations and what the future may hold as we continue to evolve our system and discover it’s full capabilities.  To top it all off we had the most amazing Wildlife Drones’ green Pandan Cake courtesy of Laura’s mum!

Investors Group Photo
Back Row (L-R): Gerard Borg, Jianqi Zhao, Doug Stuart, Kieran Harris. Front Row (L-R): Natasha Rawlings, Debbie Saunders, Sylvia Tulloch.

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