Get to know our new drone pilot: Mitch Bannink

At Wildlife Drones, we are excited to announce that we have expanded both our team and the services that we can offer!  We now have a network of drone pilots across Australia who can provide services, including Mitch Bannick who is a CASA-certified drone pilot trainer with OVRL Photography.  Mitch brings a wealth of experience to our team, and we’re thrilled that we can now help more people gain the confidence and skills needed to take to the sky with drones.

You could perhaps think that Mitch was ‘born to fly’.  As the son of an aircraft engineer, Mitch got the flying bug from an early age. At the age of 16, he rode his bike to the local airport to get his pilot licence and has never looked back since.

In between working as a pilot for Qantas, Mitch developed a fascination for drones and their endless applications. This eventually led to him founding OVRL Photography in 2013.

These days Mitch usually has both feet on the ground as the chief remote drone pilot for OVRL and several other institutions. He is a dedicated instructor who is passionate about training the next generation of drone pilots to fly safely and confidently and apply their skills to service a wide range of industries.

Mitch says that his passion is about purpose: “I fly drones to assist in projects that have purpose. Wildlife Drones fit the bill for me. They have great potential to improve management and research outcomes globally and I’m excited to be able to offer OVRL’s training services to empower more people to fly.”

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