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Drones Can be an Ethical Way to Study Wildlife but the Law Needs to Catch Up

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As an ecologist who has studied endangered species for many years, I absolutely relate to Mark Dunsmuir’s feeling of privilege and responsibility when it comes to observing and studying wildlife.  It certainly is wonderful experience to observe, document and capture moments of natural wildlife behaviour. As a scientist, whenever I do formal wildlife research, I am required to go through extensive ethics approvals processes to evaluate the impact of my actions and identify every opportunity to minimise or avoid disturbance to both target and non-target animals. So it’s great to hear photographers also actively expressing the same interest in capturing […]

Kākāpō dreaming – A Wildlife Drones adventure tracking one of the most endangered species on the planet

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It was 4:30am when we crawled out of bed. Finally, we had arrived in New Zealand on a mission to trial our drone radio-tracking technology for the Department of Conservation’s (DOC) Kākāpō recovery program.  But before we could even reach the island where almost half of the Kākāpō population exists, we had to pass inspection at the quarantine station and squeeze all of our drone gear into a tiny Cessna –in the pouring rain. The light was slowly seeping through the fog when we took off over the grey coastline.  But our attention rapidly turned from the weather to the […]

From baby bears to migrating whales – the need to minimise the impact of drones on wildlife

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As an ecologist and a drone pilot I was horrified by the recent viral video clearly showing a distressed mother bear and her cub while attempting to escape from an invasive drone.  This irresponsible use of a drone created an incredibly dangerous situation on a snow cliff that resulted in the baby bear risking serious injury and death as it desperately tried to reach its mother. Unfortunately, as drones become an increasingly embedded part of our society and have an expanding range of capabilities and applications, such issues are becoming more prevalent within even the most remote and natural areas.  […]

Wildlife Drones successfully track Swift Parrot flocks

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We’re super excited that we recently managed to find 60 swift parrots on Bush Heritage Australia’s Tarcutta Hills Reserve which is the largest flock ever recorded on the reserve.  We also managed to radio-tag and track these fascinating birds despite their habit of feeding on nectar in the tops of very tall trees, as reported on ABC news today. Over the past month our cutting edge technology has enabled us to track the movements of multiple birds at the same time within the grand old growth white box and mugga ironbark woodland.  Importantly our tracking has resulted in new foraging and roosting […]

Festival of Ambitious Ideas

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We thoroughly enjoyed the ABC Radio interview this morning with Adam Shirley, Anna Pino and Siobhain Mullins talking about the wonderfully diverse group of women presenting at the Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre’s Festival of Ambitious Ideas. Lighthouse has been a great beacon of support (pun intended) for people from all walks of life looking to develop their business. The theme for this event was Female Innovators – celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit of local Canbera women and how they built their businesses. More and more women are joining the world of start-ups and it’s great to see their ideas come to life […]

First Wednesday Connects

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We enjoyed the challenge of giving a 60 second pitch in front of hundreds of people at the Canberra Innovation Network‘s monthly First Wednesday Connect networking event held at the new  ACT Renewables Innovation Hub. It was a great night that included an opening by Shane Rattenbury MLA and the opportunity to meet lots of diverse and interesting people within the Canberra innovation scene.  

Wildlife Drones seed investment round is here!

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We are super excited to be invited to pitch at the Capital Angels Investment Evening tonight.  It should be a great event with a number of other exciting businesses joining Wildlife Drones in seeking investment so they can take their business to the next level. Want to be a part of the world’s most advanced animal radio-tracking drone business?  Come along to see us pitching tonight and join our journey, or get in touch if you’d like to find out more!  @LHinnovates @Craig_A_Davis

Women in Innovation

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We’re excited to be part of the awesome innovation ecosystem here in Canberra, and to be starting the new year at Entry29 co-working space where many other inspiring start-ups have been successfully grown.  This includes a whole raft of incredible ‘Women in Innovation‘ brought together through the Canberra Innovation Network.  Bring on 2018!