The removal of feral animals enables native wildlife to thrive

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In December 2020, Dr Dave Algar was awarded the National Froggatt Award for his contributions in eliminating feral cats from Dirk Hartog Island (DHI) in Western Australia. He was also recognised for his efforts in leading his team to develop the aptly named ERADICAT bait – which is now widely used for feral cat control. At Wildlife Drones, we have been fortunate to witness the positive outcomes of Dr Algar’s work. Dirk Hartog Island was once overrun by feral cats, sheep and goats due to European settlement. As a result, 10 Australian native species disappeared from the Island’s fast-changing ecology. […]

Catching up with Save Vietnam’s Wildlife

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At Wildlife Drones, we’ve had the pleasure of working with researchers, conservationists and land managers from all around the world who have dedicated their careers to saving species from extinction. One of our most memorable experiences was assisting the team at Save Vietnam’s Wildlife to radio-track the movements of critically endangered pangolins using our technology. So, to commemorate this year’s Threatened Species Day, we caught up with Huyen Nguyen, a field researcher from Save Vietnam’s Wildlife to see how they were going with their Pangolin conservation work. Before using Wildlife Drones, what was it like manually radio-tracking pangolins in the […]

Kākāpō dreaming – A Wildlife Drones adventure tracking one of the most endangered species on the planet

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It was 4:30am when we crawled out of bed. Finally, we had arrived in New Zealand on a mission to trial our drone radio-tracking technology for the Department of Conservation’s (DOC) Kākāpō recovery program.  But before we could even reach the island where almost half of the Kākāpō population exists, we had to pass inspection at the quarantine station and squeeze all of our drone gear into a tiny Cessna –in the pouring rain. The light was slowly seeping through the fog when we took off over the grey coastline.  But our attention rapidly turned from the weather to the […]

Tracking Pangolins in Vietnam

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In a world first, Wildlife Drones have been working with Save Vietnam’s Wildlife (SVW) to track the movements of critically endangered Sunda Pangolins in Vietnam from the air. Often mistaken as reptiles, pangolins are actually one of the only known mammals to be covered in large, protective scales. While their scales serve to protect them from predators in the wild, they are also what makes them prized by poachers.  In fact, Pangolins are considered to be one of the world’s most trafficked mammals. In the fight against the illegal wildlife trade, our partners at SVW have worked tirelessly to rescue […]