Wildlife Drones

Frequently Asked Questions

We have developed a radio-tracking system that can be mounted to an off-the-shelf drone. When the drone is flown, our system scans the area for signals from nearby radio-tagged animals. This data is then relayed to a base station computer where you can then view the locations of your animals on a live map. 

Radio-tracking from a drone is less disruptive to most species compared to manually radio-tracking on foot, or using other drone sensors like visual or thermal cameras. This is because our system doesn’t require you to fly directly above or in close proximity of the animals you are tracking in order to get their location. 

Our system is compatible with very-high frequency (VHF) radio-tags from any manufacturer globally. It can track up to a hundred individual frequencies simultaneously, so long as all tags are within a two MHz bandwidth (e.g. 150-152 or 172-174 MHz).

Our system doesn’t require you to waste precious flight time by flying in fixed gridlines or lawnmower patterns to pick up signals. Because it uses triangulation to pinpoint tag locations, you have the flexibility to fly in whatever path you’d like.

Our system is available for hire! To learn about how we can assist with your upcoming tracking project, please contact us today. We’d love to here from you!