Take to the skies with...

Wildlife Drones

Radio-track animals the smart way

We know that radio-tracking animals can be difficult. But what if we told you that it didn’t have to be that way? At Wildlife Drones, we’ve made radio-tracking smarter.

No more walking around for hours on end with your arm up in the air scanning for the faintest “ping” from a nearby tagged animal.

With Wildlife Drones, you can locate all your radio-tagged animals without breaking a sweat!

How it works

The Benefits

  • Fast and efficient radio-tracking
  • Create a high-point wherever you are
  • Detect up to a hundred animals simultaneously
  • View the locations of your tagged animals live on a map
  • Immediate download of field data
  • Minimise animal and habitat disturbance
  • Gain safe access to rugged and remote areas