Wildlife Drones Meet X’s Project Wing

We enjoyed meeting Alphabet’s inspiring X Project Wing team (formerly Google X), including members who were visiting from the US, to do some trials here in Canberra as they look to expand their drone delivery service area. They have been successfully undertaking drone deliveries in nearby Royalla and are now preparing for deliveries within suburban …


Wildlife Drones gets their Wings

Debbie obtained her CASA Remote Pilot License in 2016 and has enjoyed continuously expanding her skill base in terms of safe and reliable flying of UAVs or drones ever since.  However, she has now taken this to the next level by successfully achieving CASA accreditation as Chief Remote Pilot for Wildlife Drones’ Operators Certificate. Her …

Ducks, Drones, and Data

Can drones really be an accurate way to survey animal populations? Researchers at the University of Adelaide recently set out to prove this. In their #EpicDuckChallenge, the team set up a colony of plastic ducks along an Adelaide beach. They then compared the accuracy of counting the ducks from the ground to counting the colony …

Women in Innovation

We're excited to be part of the awesome innovation ecosystem here in Canberra, and to be starting the new year at Entry29 co-working space where many other inspiring start-ups have been successfully grown.  This includes a whole raft of incredible 'Women in Innovation' brought together through the Canberra Innovation Network.  Bring on 2018!

Taking research ideas to market

We're looking forward to sharing our ideas with Victor Pantano , Ines Atmosukarto and Robert Sok other early career researchers about how to take research ideas to market at the Channel Your Inner Entrepreneur event University of Canberra today.

It’s time for Lift-Off @ E29

We're looking forward to pitching at next week's Entry 29 Co-working space pitch night! Canberra's up and coming Startup Businesses have completed Entry 29's Lift Off Program and it's time to pitch! Join special guests Craig Davis, Victor Pantano, Peter Lilleyand Tom Robinson for this great event where attendees (our Venture Capitalists) will vote on their favourite pitch of the …

Inspiring and diverse World Of Drones Congress

We were surrounded by amazing and inspiring people from around the globe at the World of Drones Congress this week in Brisbane, Australia. We really enjoyed being part of the team presenting in the Environment and Conservation symposium, together with @ReneeBartolo as MC, @lianpinkoh from Conservation Drones, @DyanGibbens from Trumbull Unmanned, and Stephan Hrabar from CSIRO. With gender equity …

World of Drones Congress

We're looking forward to being inspired at the World of Drones Congress next week and networking with others involved in developing and investing in #drone technology, #environmental applications, and #innovation in business and government. @WoDCongress @dronesforgood