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Team Bios

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Dr Debbie Saunders © Mude

Dr Debbie Saunders

Debbie Saunders is the Co-Founder and Director of Wildlife Drones. As a wildlife researcher  she needed to find a better way to track small migratory birds that move in unpredictable ways across vast landscapes.  Conventional manual methods of radio-tracking were very labour intensive, time consuming and expensive, which made tracking animals over large areas prohibitive. Determined to translate her idea into reality, she was instrumental in developing the world’s first drone radio-tracking system, in collaboration with teams of engineers over 6 years.  This led her to establishing Wildlife Drones, so that others wanting to track animals could also benefit from the latest technological drone tracking advances as well.  At the end of the week, she loves nothing more than harvesting food from her much loved organic garden and heading out bush to go hiking and camping with her family.


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Dr Gerard Borg © Mude

Dr Gerard Borg: 

Gerard is Wildlife Drones’ radio engineer and primary developer behind our radio-receiver payload. Gerard uses his expertise in radio-frequency engineering, including wireless communications and signal processing, to perfect Wildlife Drones’ technologies. He has spent countless, dedicated hours fine-tuning the design, and field testing the radio-receiver with Debbie to ensure it meets our customer’s needs, as well as repairing the occasional broken antenna.


Jianqi Zhao:

Jianqi is Wildlife Drones’ newest member, joining the team as a radio frequency engineer. Originally from Xi’an, China, Jianqi first came to Australia to complete his masters degree and is now completing a PhD in electronics engineering at ANU. On top of his studies, he loves to take care of his young son, cook noodles (because his wife tells him to), play basketball and learn about history and computer science.


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Laura Ting © Mude

Laura Ting

Laura works at Wildlife Drones as a science communication intern. Between finishing her studies at ANU and working with wedding dresses, she works on communication strategies, web-development, and content writing for the company. When she’s not on the move, she enjoys taking long walks with a good podcast (and her dog of course!).


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Sarah Burcher © Mude

Sarah Burcher

Sarah became involved with Wildlife Drones through the ANU International Business Plan competition where her team developed the winning plan for the company. Since graduating from her commerce degree at the end of 2017, Sarah has continued to work for Wildlife Drones as a business intern in between her busy schedule. She performs market research, and aids in the development of company pitches and grant applications. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys a good book and swimming.


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Daniel Connolly © Mude

Daniel Connolly

Daniel is an international business student at ANU with a strong interest in global trade. Like Sarah, Daniel became involved with Wildlife Drones through the ANU International Business Plan competition. Now in his final year of his undergraduate degree, Daniel works as an intern for Wildlife Drones performing market research and expanding the company’s customer pipeline. In his free time, he enjoys playing the guitar and hiking.


Debbie Saunders and Ros Wallace at the Innovation ACT Awards Night back in 2016.

Ros Wallace

As a co-founder Ros brings a unique combination of accounting and ecology expertise, helping to translate a academic research outcomes into a commercially viable product in the form of Wildlife Drones. She helped establish the company and has been instrumental in overcoming some of its early hurdles. Due to changes in her circumstances, she has stepped back from her role as Business Manager, but maintains a close interest in this exciting company that is revolutionising research techniques and how wildlife and pest species are managed.


Our Wonderful Business Mentors:

Martin Duursma (CSIRO On Program)

Robert Fitch (Field Robotics)

Sylvia Tulloch (Entrepreneur & Angel Investor)

Mr Ross Anderson (Aviassist): Drone pilot and CASA training services partner