What makes tracking animals so difficult? We hear what you had to say

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Does the following scenario sound familiar to you?  After months of preparation, you’ve finally tagged and released your animals into the wild in the hope of learning more about this species. To monitor their movements, you painstakingly follow the radio-signals of each tagged animal every day. But as time passes and the animals continue to disperse, the faint “ping” of a radio-signal becomes harder and harder to detect. Frustrated, you conclude that you’ve lost your animals. So get more people out searching, you travel further and further afield and you even sometimes call in aircraft or helicopters to see if […]

Kākāpō dreaming – A Wildlife Drones adventure tracking one of the most endangered species on the planet

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It was 4:30am when we crawled out of bed. Finally, we had arrived in New Zealand on a mission to trial our drone radio-tracking technology for the Department of Conservation’s (DOC) Kākāpō recovery program.  But before we could even reach the island where almost half of the Kākāpō population exists, we had to pass inspection at the quarantine station and squeeze all of our drone gear into a tiny Cessna –in the pouring rain. The light was slowly seeping through the fog when we took off over the grey coastline.  But our attention rapidly turned from the weather to the […]