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Innovative tracking: Canberra Wildlife Drones start up company secures $670,000 in Uniseed funding

On Drive with Laura Tchilinguirian

A Canberra invention could speed up collection times for scientists gathering data on some of Australia’s most endangered bird and animal species.

The ACT start-up company, Wildlife Drones has just secured $670,000 dollars in Uniseed funding to get its new tracking device to market.

Wildlife Drones CEO Debbie Saunders developed the original concept after tracking Swift Parrots for an ANU research project.

Dr Saunders spoke to ABC Radio Canberra Drive host Laura Tchilinguirian about why the funding grant is so important to help develop the drones for widespread use.

Duration: 4min 58sec

Broadcast: Thu 13 Dec 2018, 4:00pm

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