Stock Drones

Australia’s $17 billion dollar livestock industry is a crucial asset to Australia’s economy and the livelihood of over 200 thousand Australians. However, the management of livestock is without its own challenges and limitations. According to the CSIRO, it can cost farmers between $5-6 per head to muster cattle twice a year. This is mainly due to factors like equipment, manual labour and upkeep required to run these musters.

While we have advanced from incredibly laborious methods like droving by horseback to helicopter mustering, safety is still a major concern. Helicopter mustering is a common practice on many stations in Australia. Due to the skill required to manoeuvre the helicopter in remote and challenging environments, it is estimated that 10 helicopter musterers are killed in mustering-related incidences each year.

In response to this need, Wildlife Drones has been able to combine efficiency and safety to revolutionise livestock management in our latest initiative, Stock Drones. Our system is not only safe and less labour intensive but it is guaranteed to save you time and money. You will be able to monitor your livestock’s activity from the air and receive real-time data on the specific location of individually tagged animals.