Meet Ag Drones. Proven wildlife tracking technology now used to track livestock.

Find your livestock without needing to see them. This is smart farming at its most practical. Plot your animals’ location rapidly and remotely to keep track of their welfare, calving seasons and grazing patterns, as well as plan your musters more accurately and more cost-effectively. Tracking via Ag Drones is also safer for your employees, and allows you to reduce labour costs.

Case Studies

Practical Farm Management

Where are my cows right now? If that’s your question, we have a tool that will provide the answer. Helicopter mustering costing too much and too dangerous? Why not use Ag Drones to find your livestock?

Improved Livestock Security

Valuable livestock on any size of farm face the constant threat of poaching. Once “marked” by implanted tags that are difficult to detect and equally hard to remove, Ag Drones can quickly identify the location of animals taken illegally.

Locate livestock in
real-time & offline

Save time, effort and money

Track missing livestock, even beyond the fence

Lifetime ID traceability and tracking

No paddock
infrastructure required

One drone, multiple applications and sensors

Radio Tracking

Experience the difference when you track with the world’s most advanced radio-tracking system. Gain valuable insights for less effort and take your research to new heights.

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Thermal Imaging

Make the invisible visible with thermal drone technology. Spot nocturnal and cryptic animals easily regardless of whether they are tagged or not.

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Drone Pilot Training

Whatever your level of experience, our team of experts can provide all the training you need to use drones for tracking animals.

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