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Freefly System’s Astro is a compact, professional-grade drone that is designed, tested and built in Washington State, USA. It’s a powerful drone, but importantly it is also a quiet achiever. With low noise in the VHF band, it allows our radio-receiver to detect even the faintest VHF radio-tag signals from a distance. With over 100,000 successful commercial drone flights, plus multi-band RTK, LTE cloud connectivity and mission computer, you can easily survey more areas, more often to collect the radio-telemetry data you need.

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Together with Freefly, we love to make our technology a joy to use. With simple integration and real-time data analytics, tracking animal movements with Wildlife Drones + Astro is fun and delivers the results you need fast.

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Radio-track up to 40 tagged animals simultaneously

Wildlife Drones Value Proposition Real-time

View animal locations in real-time

Wildlife Drones Value Proposition Time Efficient

Save time, effort and field staff costs

Flexible Tracking

Flexible tracking whenever needed

Wildlife Drones Value Proposition

Maximise tag detection and survey coverage

Wildlife Drones Value Proposition Ethics

Effectively meet your animal ethics requirements

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