Wildlife Drones has developed the world’s most innovative animal radio-tracking system using drones so you can track your radio-tagged animals like never before.

With over 25 years experience undertaking ecological and scientific animal research, we understand the immense frustration when trying to track the movements of highly mobile animals. Receiving clear signals from radio-tagged animals can be difficult to achieve and is often a very labour intensive and expensive process. The main issue is height. When using hand-held radio-tracking from the ground, you often have to get the antenna as high as possible in order to improve signal detection. This often means finding higher ground, or even hiring helicopters or planes to get the slightest “ping” of a distant radio-tag.  Unfortunately, it also often results in losing track of the precious animals you have worked so very hard to tag in order to understand their movements.

But what if we told you that it didn’t have to be this way? Imagine doing an entire day’s hard work in less than a hour, all while accurately tracking hundreds of animals at the same time? With Wildlife Drones, you can!

Our solution is simple to use yet involves the latest sophisticated technology. Our unique drone attachment for locating radio-tagged animals revolutionizes the animal tracking industry.  By creating a high point wherever the drone is launched, our product increases the quality and quantity of radio-tracking data that can be collected, and enables feral animal controllers, conservation researchers and land managers to get their job done up to 85% quicker.