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Wildlife Drones

Revolutionizing Animal Tracking

At Wildlife Drones, we are passionate about animal tracking. You can learn a lot about different species just by following their movements. From identifying migration patterns to individual animal behaviors, these aspects can help inform better conservation and land management practices.

Combining radio-tracking technology and drones, Wildlife Drones can track your animals like never before.

Our technology can be used in a wide range of animal tracking applications. From monitoring endangered species, to tracking invasive species and locating livestock on remote properties – the possibilities are endless!

Our Expertise


Wildlife Drones is the latest innovation in animal tracking. Radio-track wildlife from the air and get real-time location data.

Invasive Species

Protect native wildlife from invasive species with Wildlife Drones. Implement more targeted control methods when you can track their movements live. 


Stock Drones, adapts our world-leading technology for the farm. Locate and monitor your livestock with ease.