Do you need help radio-tracking animals?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Wildlife Drones, we’re here to make radio-tracking easy. We’ve developed an innovative tracking system that uses drones so you can radio-track tagged animals like never before!

Let’s be honest, tracking radio-tagged animals can be a labour intensive and expensive task. With over 25 years experience in ecological and scientific animal research, we understand the immense frustration felt when trying to track the movements of highly mobile animals.

The main issue is height. When using a hand-held receiver to radio-track from the ground, you often have to hold the antenna as high as possible to improve signal detection. This often means finding higher ground, or even hiring helicopters or planes to get the slightest “ping” of a distant radio-tag.¬†Unfortunately, such efforts don’t guarantee that you’ll find all the animals you worked so hard to tag and understand their movements.

But what if we told you that it didn’t have to be that way?

Our solution is simple. We have developed a unique radio-receiver that can be attached to a drone. When launched, the drone creates a high-point which allows the radio-receiver to scan the area for nearby radio-tags. The signals received are then sent to our base station computer which displays the locations of the tagged animals on a live map.

By using Wildlife Drones, you’ll be able to do an entire day’s work in less than an hour. Accurately track hundreds of animals simultaneously, minimise animal habitat disturbance, and gain safe access rugged and remote areas.

No matter whether you’re a conservation research, feral animal controller, or livestock manager¬† – We’re here to help!