Wildlife Drones

  • Koala on a Eucalyptus tree in Queensland, Australia

    Take your
    wildlife tracking
    to new heights

    Experience the future of wildlife management through Wildlife Drones’ world-leading technology. We provide an unparalleled scale and speed of tracking across any terrain.

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  • Close up of a Red fox lying under a tree

    Take your
    pest management
    to new heights

    Deliver targeted and more effective interventions to counter invasive species with the accurate and real-time data Wildlife Drones offers.

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  • four cows standing on green grass

    Take your
    livestock management
    to new heights

    Wildlife Drones provides the accurate livestock surveillance you need to track your animals and monitor their welfare and security.

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Number of
data points collected


Number of
species tags tracked


Number of
drone flights

a man and a woman from Wildlife Drones holding a drone in a field of grass

Wildlife Drones’ Tracking Technology

Wildlife Drones has reinvented animal tracking from the ground up. Our innovative radio telemetry technology is here to help you track animals like never before.

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a colourful green swift parrot perched on a branch

Case Studies

In the field, jungle, desert,
mountain or river

a close-up of a pangolin walking on the dirt ground


Improve the conservation outcomes for a range of threatened species when you can better understand their movements and survival

a dark feral pig in long green grass with other pigs in the background

Invasive Species

Implement more targeted control and management methods when you can track the movements of invasive species in real-time.

a sheep looking at the camera surrounded by yellow grass


Manage your livestock more efficiently when you can rapidly track and locate your livestock whenever and wherever they are.

How do I start tracking
with Wildlife Drones

Tailor made to suit your needs

Getting started doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Whether it’s tag distance testing, grant applications, pilot certifications, drone supply or in-field support – we are here for you every step of the way!

Latest News

  • Ecological Consultants Association of NSW Conference

    We are excited to announce that Wildlife Drones will be at the Ecological Consultants Association (ECA) of NSW’s annual conference. This two day conference will highlight the biodiversity issues deserving attention and the latest advancements in the field. Debbie will be sharing a presentation on how Wildlife Drones is being used to shed light on

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    Ecological Consultants Association of NSW Conference

    ECA 2021

    Monday 19th – Tuesday 20th July, 2021

  • Pacific Islands Bat Forum

    Wildlife Drones are proud sponsors of the first Pacific Islands Bat Forum. In partnership with the Australasian Bat Society and the Pacific Bat Conservation Network, this virtual event will bring together passionate bat conservationists and key stakeholders to share knowledge and identify conservation and research priorities for bats throughout the Pacific and wider Oceania region.

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    1st Pacific Islands Bat Forum


    Tuesday 10th – Saturday 14th August, 2021

  • The Wildlife Society’s Annual Conference

    Wildlife Drones are proud sponsors of The Wildlife Society’s 28th Annual Conference. This virtual event is one of North America’s largest getherings – attracting thousands of wildlife researchers and managers interested in learning about how we can be better environmental stewards. As sponsors, we will be hosting a virtual stall where you can chat to

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    The Wildlife Society’s Virtual Conference


    1st – 5th November, 2021

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