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Wildlife Drones

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Improving wildlife research and conservation efforts has always been at the heart of Wildlife Drones. With Wildlife Drones, the possibilities are endless. From monitoring threatened species, to protecting animals from poaching, and tracking the reintroduction of species into the environment, studying animals has never been more accessible.

Invasive Species

Wildlife Drones enhances the ability to track and monitor invasive species, enabling targeted and effective control methods to be implemented. Track a variety of species, from foxes and wild pigs to cane toads and receive real-time location data as they move throughout the environment.


Wildlife Drones’ latest initiative, Stock Drones, adapts our world-leading technology for the farm. Stock Drones can conveniently locate livestock, regardless of how rugged and remote the property might be. Improving livestock management and mustering practices, Stock Drones will save you time, money and effort.