About Us

Wildlife Drones

Wildlife Drones provides the latest innovative technology in the form of a small, lightweight VHF radio-receiver that can be clipped onto drones to accurately and efficiently track radio-tagged animals from the air.

At Wildlife Drones we have over 25 years’ experience studying a wide range of wildlife.  We have personally experienced the pain involved in radio-tracking animals (such as those shown here), especially when they undertake large movements or disappear from the study site.


We also understand the extremes that people often need to go to, to pick up the faintest little “ping” of a distant animal tag.  This includes climbing up on top of anything they can to gain height and improve signal detection.  This is all very time consuming, labour intensive and expensive.

However, imagine if you could do an entire days’ hard labour in less than 2 hours, and could track hundreds of animals at the same time, instead of just one!

Well this is now possible with the arrival of Wildlife Drones, the world’s first drone animal radio-tracking system. By radio-tracking tagged animals from the air, our customers, including conservation and pest species land managers, researchers and environmental consultants, can get their job done 75% quicker, collect data on hundreds of animals at the same time, while also increasing field safety for staff when in remote, rugged or dangerous landscapes.

Interested in finding out more? Great! Please either contact us or put in an expression of interest and we’ll get in touch with you.

Our Team and Partners

– Co-founder, wildlife researcher and customer relations – Dr Debbie Saunders

– Co-founder and business manager – Ms Ros Wallace

– Radio engineer and drone payload developer – Dr Gerard Borg

– Our wonderful business mentors:

Martin Duursma (CSIRO On Program)

Robert Fitch (Field Robotics)

Sylvia Tulloch (Entrepreneur & Angel Investor)

David Ireland (Think Place)

Michele Troni (Significant Capital Ventures)

– Drone pilot and CASA training services partner – Aviassist, Mr Ross Anderson

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