Koalas x New South Wales Department of Planning, Industry & Environment


As part of recovery efforts after the 2019/20 summer bushfires, several koalas were tagged and released back into the wild. However after their release, some of the tagged koalas could not be detected from the ground.

Enter Wildlife Drones. With our drone, we rapidly covered large areas of bushland that would have taken hours on foot. This provided the researchers with confidence on where the koalas were and were not located. We also saved them from having to scale-up their search efforts by deploying larger teams of people or hiring expensive manned aircraft.

The detection range is certainly impressive and clearly a useful tool for tracking projects like this one.

NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment

missing animals
Searched for missing animals
Overcame tricky terrain
Maximised tag detectability

Categories: #ThreatenedSpecies