the sperm drone in the air

Using drones to transport Kakapo sperm

As the world’s only nocturnal and flightless parrot, the critically endangered Kakapo is often referred to as a true avian oddity. But to the people who work tirelessly to save them from extinction, the Kakapo is more than just a novel bird. With roughly 200 kakapo left in the world, each individual is tagged and given a

will seiter and the copperhead team onboard their cessna 172 aircraft

Flying high in search of agile bats

“Oh, man – it’s essentially trying to find a needle in a haystack while on the bed of a semi-truck driving down the expressway!” – Will Seiter As a description of some of the challenges in trying to track the movements of tiny bats, Will Seiter’s metaphor is hard to beat. It’s heartfelt too, coming

thermal imaging drone ripper group

Deploying thermal imaging drones to help save wildlife

Jamie Holyoak has been using thermal imaging technology mounted on drones to search for hidden wildlife – particularly koalas – since 2013.  He has worked on behalf of a range of industries including environmental management, property development and mining, as well as working with Dreamworld’s wildlife conservation project. After the 2019/20 bushfires across Australia, however, his

a female drone pilot with her back to the camera holding a drone controller while a drone is up in the air

Advancing the Animal Tracking Game

THAT faint buzzing you can hear is the sound of endangered animals being saved from extinction. It’s the sound of invasive species being turned back from a damaging incursion. And it’s the sound of livestock being monitored across the farmlands of the future.  It’s the sound of one tool that has revolutionised the art of animal

flying fox bat hanging upside down from tree

Pacific Islands Bat Forum

Wildlife Drones are proud sponsors of the first Pacific Islands Bat Forum. In partnership with the Australasian Bat Society and the Pacific Bat Conservation Network, this virtual event will bring together passionate bat conservationists and key stakeholders to share knowledge and identify conservation and research priorities for bats throughout the Pacific and wider Oceania region.

nsw eca spotted gums

Ecological Consultants Association of NSW Conference

We are excited to announce that Wildlife Drones will be at the Ecological Consultants Association (ECA) of NSW’s annual conference. This two day conference will highlight the biodiversity issues deserving attention and the latest advancements in the field. Debbie will be sharing a presentation on how Wildlife Drones is being used to shed light on

debbie, tan and huyen from svw

Catching up with Save Vietnam’s Wildlife

At Wildlife Drones, we work with people from all around the world who have dedicated their careers to wildlife conservation. One such person is conservationist, Huyen Nguyen. Huyen is a field researcher at Save Vietnam’s Wildlife and has been using Wildlife Drones to track pangolins. To commemorate this year’s Threatened Species Day, we caught up with

Debbie Saunders and Josh Bobruk from Wildlife Drones tracking kakapo

Stories from the Field: Tracking Kakapo in New Zealand

By Dr Debbie Saunders Just weeks before Australia’s COVID-19 lockdown took effect, Wildlife Drones travelled to New Zealand’s Whenua Hou Island to trial tracking the critically endangered Kakapo. With just over 200 birds remaining, monitoring the health and wellbeing of each individual is essential to securing the species’ future. That is why the New Zealand

Debbie and the SVW pangolin drone team

Stories from the Field: Tracking Pangolins in Vietnam

In 2019, Wildlife Drones travelled to Vietnam to track the movements of critically endangered Sunda Pangolins. The Pangolin is one of the only mammals to be covered in large, protective scales. While their scales serve to protect them from predators in the wild, they are also what makes them prized by poachers.  In fact, pangolins