Learning to fly a drone

Since his days as an undergraduate student in Beijing, drones have captivated Han Liu’s imagination. The endless possibilities that have been unlocked by this one platform and the opportunity to push its boundaries even further was what motivated him to become a software engineer.

As a part of Wildlife Drones’ team, Han has been integral in helping get our technology off the ground. But it was only recently that he could experience the satisfaction of operating the system in the air himself as a newly qualified drone pilot.

We sat down with Han to chat about his drone pilot training experience.

han liu - drone pilot for wildlife drones
Han Liu (Credit: Wildlife Drones)

1) What made you decide to get your drone pilot licence?

Han: I’m lucky that I have been able to pursue my interest in drones at Wildlife Drones. While I’ve flown small hobby drones in the past, I needed to get my remote pilot licence [RePL] in order to operate the larger commercial drone models that our system requires. As a result, I was excited to undertake the RePL course as it meant that I would be one step closer to getting to operate the product I helped design.

2) What was the training experience like?

Han: While it was an intense five days of training and studying, the course was well-structured and I learned so much!

For example, we learned about all the proper protocols for operating in a busy airspace. This included understanding how to read airspace and aeronautical charts and in-flight procedures. I also liked learning about how and when to seek permission from CASA [Civil Aviation Safety Authority]. This was particularly helpful as I hope to operate drones across as many different landscapes some day.

3) Now that you have gained your remote pilot licence, what’s next?

Han: Now that I have my remote pilot licence, I have been continuing to practice as much as possible. Some of this practice has been integrated with the flight-testing for Wildlife Drones. It’s great because I get to test how our latest advancements to the system performs. The hands-on involvement also enables me to think of ways we can improve the user experience for our clients. But outside of flight testing, I have been really enjoying seeing the fantastic scenery from above.

If you are interested in becoming a drone pilot, contact Wildlife Drones to learn more about the pilot training courses we have on offer across Australia.