Wildlife Drones boasts a team of collaborative individuals from diverse fields. As our company continues to rapidly grow, we are always on the lookout for fresh faces to join our team. Check out the current job positions we have on offer! If you’re interested in any of the listed positions, please get in contact with us!

Positions Available

  • Highly motivated supportive team
  • Flexible work location and hours (including working from home)
  • Competitive remuneration package

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sell a product that flies majestically through the hills of Vietnam or is used to track the world’s most endangered wildlife?  Or perhaps you want to use your selling super powers to make a positive difference in the world but haven’t figured out how?

We do stuff for real people to support real science, but we also use some of the coolest tech to do so. Our early adopters have already seen the amazing benefits of what we have created, but we continue to push the limits and continuously innovate to create a product that our customers can’t live without.

Customers across Australia and the world use our technology to track animals tagged with radio transmitters like never before. We make products that empower people to collect, analyse and map vast amounts of data in real time for improving scientific research and conservation management.  We drastically lower the cost of tracking wildlife, so a wide range of customers can better conserve the environment and manage natural resources.

Our team is small, focused and highly motivated, so you’ll get the support and freedom you need to do great things and learn a lot along the way too. You’ll be working closely with our marketing gurus who have immense experience to share but we’re also open to learning from you too.  We’re all in this together and as we grow, you’ll also have the opportunity to lead your own team.

But enough about us – this is where you come in. As our ideal candidate, you will have a thirst for solving problems and love selling innovative tech that makes a positive difference.  You can directly relate to our customers and actively listen to them while taking them on a journey of discovery that leads to sales conversions.  Being down to earth yet professional, you will ideally have previous sales experience and the demonstrated ability to communicate to both scientific and non-scientific audiences alike. You will love the challenge of rapidly learning and adapting so as to grow with our innovative business.

If this sounds like you, and you love startups, innovative environmental technology and the challenge of growing strong revenue streams, then get in touch! Please send Debbie ( your CV and a cover letter answering the following two questions since we’d love to find out more about you:

  • Tell us about something you are passionate about and why?
  • What would you consider to be the most challenging aspects of selling innovative drone technology, and how would you address these challenges?