Radio-tracking with drones

Radio-track wildlife, invasive species, and livestock the efficient way

We know that radio-tracking environmental science projects, conservation and management can be challenging! This includes overcoming difficult terrain like swamps, wetlands, or rugged mountains, together with the high field costs and huge physical efforts required to search extensive areas for missing tagged animals!

So, what if we told you that tracking animals didn’t have to be so hard?

How our drone radio-telemetry technology works

1. Tag

Tag the animals you would like to track with the VHF radio-tags of your choice.

2. Attach

Attach the Wildlife Drones system to your drone.

3. Fly

When the drone is flown, the radio-receiver will listen for all tagged animals within range.

4. View

Data collected by the radio-receiver is then relayed to the base station computer where you can view the locations of your animals live on a map.

Perfect for the field

the wildlife drones tracking kit is open and shows the different parts of system inside

The world’s most advanced drone-based animal tracking technology

With Wildlife Drones you are able to track 40 animals at the same time and survey vast areas and difficult terrain with ease. Any type of environmental science research or conservation project can easily be done.

Choosing Wildlife Drones means choosing efficient technology that is fit for purpose and ultimately saves you immense amounts of time, energy, and money for your valuable conservation work.

We will provide you with a complete radio-receiver kit that works straight out of the box: The payload includes a custom VHF antenna and receiver, which simply clips onto your drone, and can detect any VHF radio-tags available globally. You will also receive our base station and long-range communication radio, which relays the data collected by the radio-receiver in real time, so that you can view the locations of your tagged animals live on a map. Our technology is designed to make tracking more efficient, and empowers you to collect more data, more often with less effort so you can focus on creating better outcomes for wildlife conservation and management.

Features and Benefits

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Boost your radio-tracking power

Manually radio-tracking wildlife one at a time on foot is highly inefficient. With Wildlife Drones, you now have the ability to track up to 40 radio-tagged animals simultaneously.

radio-tracking tag with radiating beams icon in purple

Detects all types of VHF radio-tags

Our wildlife tracking and monitoring system is compatible with very-high frequency (VHF) radio transmitters. This includes radio-tags, wildlife tracking collars and coded tags of all sizes from any manufacturer globally.

Wildlife Drones can even be used to remotely download data logs from GPS trackers. Speak to our team about it today!

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In the field radio-telemetry data results

Rapidly radio-track and locate your animals in real-time. View animal locations live on a map, even when offline. Use this data to help recover tagged animals on the ground, implement more targeted management efforts and more.

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Next level animal management

We’ve made radio-tracking wildlife more efficient. With our wildlife tracking and monitoring system, fieldwork has never been easier. Deploy our system whenever and wherever needed and collect all the data you need in just a few flights.

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