Invasive Species

Finding evasive
invasive species

Invasive and pest species can cause tremendous damage to ecosystems and cause significant social and economic costs.

The default response is usually damage limitation, using the control and management of invasive species as a blunt instrument. But understanding how the species interacts with the environment offers the possibility of more targeted and effective interventions.

At Wildlife Drones, we offer innovative drone-based sensors that can track a range of invasive species. Get accurate, real-time location data and implement more effective on-ground control methods.

Case Studies

In the field,
real-time data

Get a full understanding of what invasive species are doing in the environment by tracking their movements live and downloading close proximity GPS data from further away than ever before. Rapidly track up to 40 animals and multiple species simultaneously.

Make targeted decisions

Gain vital data to inform more targeted control methods. Use this real-time data to take on-ground action immediately.

Track up to 40 animals and multiple species simultaneously

Rapidly track over tricky terrain

Download close proximity GPS data remotely

Effective tool for Judas animal management

Reliable, real-time data to inform on-ground action

Collect more data, more often

Radio Tracking

Experience the difference when you track with the world’s most advanced radio-tracking system. Gain valuable insights for less effort and take your research to new heights.

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Thermal Imaging

Make the invisible visible with thermal drone technology. Spot nocturnal and cryptic animals easily regardless of whether they are tagged or not.

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Drone Pilot Training

Whatever your level of experience, our team of experts can provide all the training you need to use drones for tracking animals.

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