Invasive Species

Since Australia’s colonisation, an estimated number of 73 vertebrate species have been introduced to Australia. Whether by intention or accident, this has often occurred without considering the impact these actions may have on existing ecosystems. This has resulted in numerous invasive species successfully adapting to the Australian environment and having major economic and environmental impacts on both agricultural production and native wildlife.

A recent report estimates the economic impact of Australia’s invasive species to be between $720 million and $1 billion every year – accounting for production losses and public and private management costs. These expenses can only be expected to rise if nothing is done to minimise the harm that invasive species cause to the environment.

In order to find a solution to best manage invasive species, we must first understand how they interact with their surroundings so that our control measures are targeted and effective. Wildlife Drones offers a highly efficient tool that will enhance our ability to track these species and monitor their movements. Our system is capable of tracking any invasive species with a radio-transmitter attached, and can provide accurate real-time data on their locations as they move throughout the environment. This includes foxes, pigs, wild dogs, feral cats, and even smaller species like cane toads.