Invasive Species

Drone-based telemetry of invasive species

Invasive species like wild boar, deer and Burmese python create tremendous damage to ecosystems and cause significant social and economic costs.

Without strategic knowledge about how invasive species use landscapes, effectiveness of control measures is limited. Tracking the movements of invasive species, and understanding how these animals interact with their environment offers the possibility of more targeted and effective interventions.

Populations of destructive invasive species are rapidly expanding globally and pose significant management challenges.  Within countries such as the United States and Australia, this includes a diversity of animals such as Burmese pythons, European starlings, feral cats, deer and wild boar, right through to cane toads and asian giant hornets.  All of these non-native species cause economic, health and/or environmental harm and their effective management requires co-ordination and complementary, cost-effective activities between Federal and State governments and other natural resource managers.

What Wildlife Drones offers

To better detect and control invasive pests and the spread of disease, Wildlife Drones’ unique combination of hardware and software offers invasive species managers an effective and innovative solution to radio-track up to 40 tagged invasive animals simultaneously. This allows you to monitor and rapidly track animal movements across even the most difficult landscapes where invasive species thrive, such as vast wetlands and rugged mountain ranges.

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Track up to 40 animals and multiple species simultaneously

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Rapidly track over tricky terrain

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Download close proximity GPS data remotely

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Effective tool for Sentinel animal management

track animals in real-time

Reliable, real-time data to inform on-ground action

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Collect more data, more often

Locate invasive species in real-time

Find your tagged invasive animals immediately with real-time tracking data so your team can take efficient management action on the ground. Get a full understanding of where feral animals are across challenging landscapes by radio-tracking their movements in real-time and downloading close proximity GPS data from further away than ever before.

Want to see how it works?

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Effectively track sentinel animals

Our radio-tracking technology is the perfect tool for sentinel (or judas) animals. To assist with invasive species control measures, sentinel animals are radio-tagged and then monitored to enable a better understand their movements, identify the location of larger numbers of animals within their herd in real-time, and enable the deployment of swift and targeted control measures on the ground.

invasive species three goats in shrubland

Track multiple animals at the same time

With Wildlife Drones, you can radio-track up to 40 animals simultaneously. This enables you to track many individuals from one target species, or you can just as easily track multiple species at the same time to gain strategic insights on a variety of invasive species movements.

Feral Pigs

See our Case Studies from both the US and Australia as examples of clients  who have successfully tracked feral cats and wild boar with our world-leading technology.

Case Studies

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Radio-telemetry system

Experience the difference when you track with the world’s most advanced radio-tracking system. Gain valuable insights for less effort and take your research to new heights.

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Thermal Imaging

Make the invisible visible with thermal drone technology. Spot nocturnal and cryptic animals easily regardless of whether they are tagged or not.

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Drone Pilot Training

Whatever your level of experience, our team of experts can provide all the training you need to use drones for tracking animals.

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