Pangolins x Save
Vietnam’s Wildlife


Wildlife Drones teamed up with Save Vietnam’s Wildlife (SVW) to track the world’s most trafficked mammal – The Pangolin. Fighting against the illegal wildlife trade, SVW rescue and release pangolins back into protected wild reserves. But as populations dwindle, tracking this elusive species is essential in informing crucial conservation efforts.

Radio-tracking pangolins with handheld equipment on foot was a near impossible task. Researchers would often spend days navigating dense and rugged terrain just to locate a single animal.

With Wildlife Drones, SVW has been able to rapidly radio-track multiple pangolins all at the same time. This increased monitoring capacity has allowed SVW to deepen their understanding of the pangolins’ survival in wild reserves.

Wildlife Drones has provided us with a new approach to monitor our animals in difficult terrain with the incredible ability of receiving signals from a long distance.

Thai Nguyen
Executive Director, Save Vietnam’s Wildlife

Wildlife Drones and Save Vietnam's Wildlife in Vietnam
Released Pangolin
Team training
Overcame tricky terrain
Tracked multiple animals
Want to know more about this Project?

Huyen Nguyen is a field researcher at Save Vietnam’s Wildlife. We spoke to Huyen about how their pangolin monitoring program was going. You can find out more here.