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At Wildlife Drones, we are reinventing animal tracking research from the ground up. Our innovative drone tracking technology is paving the way for improved research outcomes. We’re all about empowering those in the field to collect more data, more often and keep track of their animals like never before.

Where it all began

For over 20 years, Dr Debbie Saunders has worked as an ecologist and studied the movements of small migratory birds. This includes the Swift Parrot, one of Australia’s most endangered birds.

Like many small animals, Swift Parrots could only be tracked with tiny, very high frequency (VHF) radio-tags. This meant that in order to understand their movements, researchers would have to regularly trek vast distances with handheld receivers to search for each tagged bird, one at a time. But because the Swift Parrot is a highly mobile creature, tracking them on foot was a near impossible feat.

Frustrated by the limitations of radio-tracking manually, Debbie was inspired to develop a practical solution with wide-ranging applicability. Wildlife Drones is now an award-winning start-up that is currently working with a range of projects across Australia, the United States and abroad to track the movements of some of the world’s most endangered species.

Our values

Passionate & committed

We’re dedicated to making a positive change in the world and in doing so we’re always ready to go the extra mile, committed to the success of our clients and team.

Resourceful and inventive

We are committed to constantly improving all that we do. Openly embracing challenges with insight and inventiveness and developing practical solutions to help solve complex problems.

Open and honest

We nurture an equitable, respectable and a caring culture which is at the heart of our success. Being friendly and approachable, open and honest is an essential foundation for building relationships that endure. Being authentic in our words and actions leads to mutual understanding and ongoing respect.

Our vision

To empower people to positively impact the planet’s ecosystems using innovative drone technology.

Our mission

To create innovative drone-based technologies that enable people around the world to efficiently collect high-quality data and gain valuable insights for more effective conservation management and positive ecological outcomes globally.


Sustainability is at the core of Wildlife Drones’ values. As a business, we understand that our success is intricately intertwined with the diverse needs of the community and the natural environment itself.

However, sustainability is not just an ethos, but something that is deeply embedded in how we operate on a daily basis in the real world.

Our Team

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