Wildlife Drones

Experience the future of animal tracking using drones. Our innovative drone tracking technology is paving the way for improved research outcomes, saving you time and money. Searching for radio signals across vast, difficult terrain like wetlands or rugged mountains takes a huge amount of time and effort, and the expenses certainly add up too!

Compatible with any VHF tags globally, our unique sensor technology is a valuable addition to any conservation, management, and environmental science project worldwide.

Deliver more targeted and effective interventions to counter invasive species, like foxes, cane toads and Burmese pythons. Locate endangered species such as bats and koalas using our advanced telemetry system that provides accurate and real-time data no matter where they roam.

Wildlife Drones also provide the livestock surveillance you need to track your farm animals and monitor their welfare and security no matter where they roam.

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At Wildlife Drones, we work with wildlife biologists, conservationists and researchers from all around the world who are dedicated to saving animals from extinction. Our innovative wildlife monitoring technology is here to help you collect more data, more often with less effort so you have the data you need to make important management decisions.

Feral Pigs

Invasive Species

Invasive species like wild boar, deer and Burmese python cause tremendous damage to ecosystems, resulting in significant social, environmental and economic costs. Without strategic knowledge about how invasive species use landscapes, the effectiveness of control measures is limited. Tracking the movements of invasive species, and understanding how these animals interact with their environment offers the possibility of more targeted and effective interventions.

Wildlife Drones Cattle


Improve the way you manage and monitor livestock across the farm or ranch, no matter where they roam.

View animal locations in real-time and remotely keep track of their welfare. Plan more time-efficient and cost-effective musters and reduce labor costs. Track your animals with drones across the farm, and even beyond the fence, with ease. Importantly, using drones to find your livestock helps to keep both you and those who work on your farm safe.

Discover how our animal radio-tracking technology can help you

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Track up to 40 radio-tagged animals simultaneously

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Survey challenging and difficult terrain

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Detect all types of VHF radio-tags with unique frequencies

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Remotely download data logs from GPS/VHF tags

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