Insights: Independent Senator David Pocock visits Wildlife Drones

Independent Senator David Pocock visits Wildlife Drones

Independent Senator David Pocock visited the deep tech startup Wildlife Drones in Canberra to see the world’s most advanced drone radio-telemetry technology first-hand.

Wildlife Drones was pleased to host Independent Senator David Pocock in their Canberra office and showcase their cutting-edge technology which is used to track both invasive and threatened species globally. There were a diversity of wildlife tags on display from Australia, the US and South Africa which highlighted the wide range of animals that can be tracked using this technology. This included replica rhinoceros horns for testing of anti-poaching tags as well as tags for Ground Hornbills that particularly resonated with the Senator given his personal background working on conservation programs in Africa.

In addition to meeting Wildlife Drones’ CEO Dr Debbie Saunders and her team of expert software engineers, industrial designers and product managers, Senator Pocock was able to see how this innovative sensor technology is manufactured and prepared for dispatch to clients across both domestic and international markets. There were also passionate conversations about the journey of startup businesses, the support local governments can play and the critical role of technology in conservation efforts both locally and globally. 

The award-winning startup provides innovative drone sensor technology to support land managers and researchers in the collection of meaningful data on threatened and invasive species and the ecosystems in which they exist, paving the way for more sustainable land management in the face of global change.

The technology that Wildlife Drones have developed to help protect and conserve wildlife is really impressive,” said Senator Pocock. “Their innovative approach to monitoring wildlife populations and habitats has the potential to greatly enhance our understanding of the threats facing wildlife and help us better protect them. I look forward to watching them grow.

Senator David Pocock is a dedicated advocate for wildlife conservation and environmental protection. With a background in ecology and agriculture, Senator Pocock has a deep understanding of the challenges facing our planet and the critical role that conservation plays in safeguarding our natural resources. Senator Pocock and his wife Emma are the driving force behind the Rangelands Restoration Trust, a project aimed at regenerating degraded rangelands and increasing biodiversity. He has also made it clear that he will push the government to increase spending on conservation and encourage responsible policies that promote the protection of our environment.

We were keen to meet David Pocock even before he became the first independent senator in the ACT given his passion and support for conservation initiatives,” says Dr Debbie Saunders CEO of Wildlife Drones.

Senator Pocock’s visit to Wildlife Drones highlights his commitment to wildlife conservation and innovative solutions to protect our planet’s biodiversity. We are honoured to have had such a passionate advocate for wildlife in our senate who appreciates the value of our technology in preserving our natural resources for future generations. 

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