Insights: Groundbreaking tech partnership ATS & Wildlife Drones

Groundbreaking tech partnership ATS & Wildlife Drones

Most groundbreaking tech partnership for wildlife conservation in 2023: ATS & Wildlife Drones combine their technological expertise to better monitor and protect wildlife

Wildlife Drones, a tech startup company based in Australia, has joined forces with Advanced Telemetry Solutions based in Isanti, MN, one of the world’s leading radio-tag manufacturers. Together they will integrate and elevate their technological resources to supply wildlife biologists and conservation researchers with the most advanced tracking technology possible. Their partnership will focus on collaborative tag distance testing, enhancing detection capabilities and pushing the boundaries of tag and tracking technology overall.

Present status of ecological concerns

The planet is facing environmental challenges, including climate change, biodiversity loss, deforestation, pollution, and overfishing. To better understand the distribution, behavior, and well-being of wildlife, monitoring is essential. This information is also critical for successful conservation efforts, as it allows for the assessment of habitat protection and species management initiatives, and informed decisions on resource allocation. 

We are very much looking forward to this promising partnership with Wildlife Drones”, says Jamie Erickson, Sales Manager. “This collaboration will allow us to test and sync our technology efforts to ultimately provide the most powerful tool for researchers. 

Pioneering tech partnership to advance Wildlife Conservation

With the aim to advance global conservation tracking technology, together Wildlife Drones and Advanced Telemetry Solutions provide powerful tracking tools to monitor wildlife and collect more movement data more easily. With an increasing awareness of the need to further advance wildlife conservation projects, it has become crucial to utilize proven and advanced technology for the greatest impact. Advanced Telemetry Solutions have been providing researchers with very high frequency (VHF) radio-tags since 1981, and Wildlife Drones is the only global telemetry solution that offers the innovative ability to track multiple radio-tags at once from a drone and display their locations in real time on a satellite map while out in the field

​We know how challenging it is to radio-track animals from the ground. Searching for radio-signals across vast, difficult terrain like wetlands or rugged mountains takes a huge amount of time and effort, and the expenses certainly add up too! With this partnership we will be able to offer clear insights on distance detection ranges and work together to even further advance both of our technologies.

About Wildlife Drones:

Wildlife Drones is an award-winning startup that provides innovative drone sensor technology to support land managers and researchers in the collection of meaningful data on threatened and invasive species and the ecosystems in which they exist, paving the way for more sustainable land management in the face of global change.

About Advanced Telemetry Systems:

Advanced Telemetry Systems is the industry’s full-line supplier to provide researchers and managers in ecology and biology with animal tracking and monitoring products from Transmitters to GPS collars and much more. 

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