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Radio telemetry for tracking animal movements has been the go-to method for anyone seeking to understand and manage animal movements for decades. But the effort involved to find tagged animals in real-time has always been costly, and is particularly so for 70% of the world’s wildlife that are too small to be tracked using GPS or satellite tags. As a result, many people will spend hours traipsing across vast and really difficult terrain whilst holding a radio receiver and yagi antenna up in the air for hours on end in the hope of detecting their distant tagged animals.

In contrast, Wildlife Drones’ technology can survey larger areas and track more animals more rapidly, with much less effort. Drones are perfect for any terrain and can survey even the most rugged of mountains or vast wetlands. Meet us at the AWMS conference!

The Australasian Wildlife Management Society

Wednesday, December 7th, 2022, 1:45 PM NZDT
Innovative drone survey techniques for tracking invasive species from the mountains to the sea – from individual animal movements to eDNA

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Drone radio-telemetry – how does it work?

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Track up to 40 radio-tagged animals simultaneously

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Survey challenging and difficult terrain

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Detect VHF radio-tags from any manfucturer

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Remotely download data logs from GPS/VHF tags

The world’s most advanced drone radio-telemetry technology

VHF Receiver Antenna and Basestation

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