Western Swamp Tortoises x University of Western Australia


The Western Swamp Tortoise is Australia’s most endangered reptile. With few remaining in the wild, researchers are racing to try and save them.

Previous attempts to radio-track these tortoises had been fraught with many challenges. Their wetland habitat made it physically impossible to access on foot. In addition, their small radio-tags could only be detected at close-range.

With Wildlife Drones, the researchers could easily fly over the wetlands to track the tortoises. Our animal tracking system would then plot their locations in real-time on a map.

Using our animal tracking technology, the researchers were able to save immense amounts of time and effort. They were able to easily obtain essential movement data vital to informing the conservation efforts for this species.

Western Swamp Tortoise (Credit: Siobhan Paget)
Wildlife Drones (Credit: Chris Thurloe)
The wetlands from above (Credit: Chris Thurloe)
Maximised tag detectability
Overcame tricky terrain
Advanced research capabilities

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