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For over 20 years, Dr Debbie Saunders has been working as an ecologist and studying the movements of small migratory birds.  This includes the Swift Parrot, a critically endangered bird that migrates between Tasmania and mainland Australia each year.

Due to their small size, Swift Parrots could only be tracked using tiny, very high frequency (VHF) radio-tags. However, their ability to rapidly move over vast distances made radio-tracking them on foot nearly impossible.

Frustrated by this, Debbie sought to develop a solution. Envisioning the use of drones, she has spent the last few years collaborating with a diverse range of people to bring Wildlife Drones to life.

Today, Wildlife Drones is here to help you radio-track animals the smart way.

We’re here to revolutionise how animals are tracked and to become the go-to tool for radio-tracking animals globally.

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